Colorado Gives Day

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Thanks to First Bank and Community First Foundation, Colorado Gives Day is Tuesday, December 9th!  
Thank YOU from our cancer kids, transplant kids, epilepsy kids, dialysis kids and cardiac kids for believing in the healing powers of PLAY!
We walked into our room at Children’s Hospital after having a wagon ride and found a bag full of toys. We had no idea where they came from or who brought them. We just saw a hand written tag on the front of the bag, “Jackson 11 months”. Reading the tag immediately brought me to tears. Four days ago we had a bouncing baby boy with a big tummy. Today we have a bouncing baby boy with cancer. Your kindness has left me speechless and humbled. The past few days have been almost unbearable. With support and encouragement like yours we are able to keep moving forward. The next few months are going to be hard, even harder for Jackson. Having support like this makes things easier. Thank you, from the top to the bottom of my heart, Thank YOU!-Jackson’s Mom

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