Celebrate your birthday by donating to Bags of Fun.

6 boys smiling in front of a plate of donuts with candles in them

A gift for a child that is facing needle pokes, instead of birthday parties. A gift for a child that is undergoing treatment, instead of spending time with friends. A gift for a child that is isolated in a hospital room and just needs a reason to smile.


Ease stress with a $25 Donation

Help give children and their families access to items they would not normally have access to due to social and economic hardship.

Provide a distraction with a $50 Donation

Help children and their families with a playful distraction from the fears of mental and physical illness.

Create a positive education experience with a $100 Donation

Provides playful, educational items for children seeking and receiving both mental and physical health support/treatment.

Help children transition from inpatient to outpatient mental health treatment with a $180 Donation

Provides a complete transition Bag of Fun for Adolescent Psychiatric Unit at Denver Health, including stress relievers, toiletries, clothing and relevant toys.

Give Joy, Laughter and Relief with a $400 Donation

Donation to purchase a Bag of Fun for a child in the fight of their life.