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TransAmerica Logo


PowerWeek Logo
Aetna logo - purple text with a purple heart to the left.
Denver Health Logo - est 1860 - for lifes journey - logo - there is a illustrated hear to the left of the text. The heart is a gradient blue but the top left portion of the heart has a mountain illustration with a white jagged line in the middle representing mountain peeks. The mountains are a dark gradient blue. Above that is a read sky with one white star. Denver Health is in the top right in big bold blue text and est. 1860 is in small red text centered with a gray line on either side of it. Under that is slightly bigger red centered text that says For Lifes Journey.
Northwestern Mutual
Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children Logo
Cherry Creek logo - the bags of fun frog character holding blue CC letters with red outlines around the text.
Childrens Hospital Colorado
Passage Wealth Partners Logo
Brown and Brown logo - the Brown & Brown text is in blue and there is a dark blue box to the right of the text with BB in white text in the box. The Bs are overlapping in the bottom right and top left of the two letters.
Alpine Bank Logo
High Sierra Logo
Citywide Banks Logo
Avid Lifestyle Logo
9News Logo
Colorado Avid Golfer Logo
Starbucks Logo
Sparks Financial Logo - a gold SF with a gold arch that is around the top right half of the SF. The Name is then spelled out fully in all caps. There is also TM on the end of the name.
Razzle Toys Logo
Dealin Doug logo - red text with a red outline of mountain peaks above the text.
Charles Schwab Logo
United Airlines Logo

Grants and Foundations

Kroenke Sports Charities Logo - there is a main blue box with 3 dark blue watermarked shapes in the box, one of which looks like a star. in the middle of the box there is a white box with a blue circle cut out in the top right section. In that blue circle we see a silhouette of a person reaching for a star. At the bottom of the white box in blue text are the words Kroenke Sports. Under the white box in white text is the word Charities.
Anschutz Family Foundation Logo
Northwestern Mutual Foundation
Rocky Mountain Alliance Childrens Foundation Logo
Cancer League of Colorado Logo
Wolf Foundation Logo
The Colorado Health Foundation Logo - To the left of the text there is illustrations of what appears to be leaves around 3/4ths of an invisible circle. All the leaves are blue except the top two are green. The text is in gray.
PGA Reach logo - PGA is dark blue and bigger than reach, which is in gold under the PGA text. Above PGA there are two gold illustrated hands that look like they are cupping the white space between them.
The Larrk Foundation Logo - there is a blue box with a rounded top right edge. There is a white silhouette of a bird centered in the box and the words The Larrk are in white at the bottom of the blue box. Underneath the box is the word Foundation in green text.
AV Hunter Trust Logo
The Salah Foundation Logo
Rotary Denver Southeast Logo