What began as a mother’s wish to offer a playful respite for her daughter fighting brain cancer has now become a movement to reclaim the innocence/playfulness of childhood for those that are threatened by the realities of their medical conditions. Bags of Fun are a tool that brings the power of play into the hospitals. For the child it brings instant excitement. For parents, it is gratitude at a time when being thankful and hopeful is not often possible. Since inception of the program in 2004,

Bags of Fun has fulfilled every request from the participating hospitals. It is our annual goal to be able to fund 100% of the requests and to not have to deny any requests. Bags of Fun is independent of the hospitals and each Bag of Fun is funded by the Gabby Krause Foundation. Our organization is distinctive in that it focuses on unique play as a means of recovery for kids in the fight of their lives. This is a theme that we truly work and live by. All of our events focus on play…play for the family, play for kids that aren’t able to play, play for the adults. Through Gabby’s legacy of playing through her fight, we have created a program that every donor can connect to and at the same time, we connect to every donor. As Plato taught us, “You learn more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.”

We hope that you will consider supporting our events and joining us in celebrating unique play as a means to bring joy, laughter and relief to children in the fight of their lives.

2019 June Jam

We are going to close the online registration Thursday at 1 pm MST. Tickets will still be available for purchase at the event this evening.

June Jam is a community event in at the Charles Schwab Amphitheater, designed to raise awareness and financial support for Bags of Fun.
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2019 Bags of Fun Golf Classic

The 2019 Bags of Fun Golf Classic will be held at the beautiful, award winning, Colorado Golf Club on June 3, 2019 with a 10am shotgun start. We invite you to be part of a great day filled with first-class golf for a first-rate cause.
Sponsorship Opportunities