Gabby’s Dream Fund

Gabby’s wish, in the summer of 2004, was that the other kids in the hospital would have their own Bag of Fun. Although her fight ended that fall, her wish was kept alive. Our goal is to ensure that her wish never dies.

Keep Her Wish Alive!

Gabby smiling at us. She has these fun and silly green, pink, and blue strings of yarn covering the top of her head and hanging down both sides of her head. She has such a genuine happy smile on her face. The background is grayed out but she is in full color and there are these illustrated clouds overlaying her at the bottom of the image. In the clouds we see the words, Gabby's Dream Fund.
We are looking at rows and rows of auction items. The back rows are blurred out but we do see some nicely wrapped wine bottles, A martini kit of some sort, and lots of numbered signs propped up on the tables identifying different auction items. There appears to be some hanging purple and green decorations. They each look like the have all this wiggling arms sticking out the center, but it is hard to make out what they are since they are very blurry.

Bring Out the Bags Silent Auction

Our 20th Year celebration will culminate at our 20th ANNUAL BRING OUT THE BAGS!

We are seeking volunteers who can procure and contribute silent auction items to make this the most spectacular auction ever.

Contribute to the Silent Auction

Celebrate 20 Years by Hosting a Fundraiser

We are here to help you plan the best fundraiser that honors Gabby’s legacy to bring more Bags of Fun to children.

Learn More about Hosting a Fundraiser

7 preteen kids standing around a table outside of a house smiling at the camera. There are Bags of Fun Towels and hats on the table that they are selling. There is a sign hanging from the front of the table that says, Bags of Fun Merchandise. Hats - $20, Towels - $30. Gabby Krause Foundation.