Gabby’s Monthly Memory

It is June… Summer is coming!

Gabby cherished the warmth of summer days 🌞 and the camaraderie of community swim team 🏊🏻‍♀️, where every lap was a testament to her determination and joy. Her laughter and love for summer will forever echo in our hearts.

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Gabby with her dark blue swim cap and goggles, that are pushed up on her head. She is smiling at the camera and is standing next to teenager girl who is wearing a white shirt and a couple beaded necklaces.
A large group of kids sitting at the steps of a swimming pool. It looks like a pool party in the evening, as the sun is starting to set.
Gabby on one knee at the edge of the pool with both arms above her head, in a diving motion, with her hands overlapping each other. She looks like she is practicing her diving stance.
A close up of Gabby in the pool with her head above water. She has a dark blue swim cap on and blue swim goggles.

Our Mission & Vision

Mission: To deliver a Bag of Fun to every child fighting a long-term or life-threatening condition.

Vision: We exist to bring joy, laughter and relief to every child whose health and happiness is threatened and/or compromised.

Our Core Values


Bags Given Across the Country

12,006 in Colorado
2,600 in Kansas City
700 in Omaha

BAGS OF FUN HISTORY - Delivering joy, laughter and relief to every child fighting a life-threatening disease or condition. SEPTEMBER 2004: Gabby Krause Foundation Established. MAY 2005: First BAG OF FUN Delivered in Colorado. AUGUST 2007: Expanded to kidney patients in Colorado. JANUARY 2011: Expanded to Kansas & Missouri. JANUARY 2012: Expanded to Epilepsy patients in Colorado. JANUARY 2015: Expanded to Nuero Rehab, Cardiac Surgery & GI patients in Colorado. OCTOBER 2019: 10,000th BAG OF FUN Delivered Nationwide. JANUARY 2020: Expanded to Nebraska. MAY 2021: Expanded to include Mental Health Bags in Colorado. JUNE 2022 - Gabby's Dream Fund Established. July 2023: Omaha expands to include Madonna Rehab Hospitals. September 2024: 20 years of Bringing Joy Laughter and Relief to kids in Colorado. 20 years of Bags of Fun.