Our Mission & Vision

Mission: To deliver a Bag of Fun to every child fighting a long-term or life-threatening condition.

Vision: We exist to bring joy, laughter and relief to every child whose health and happiness is threatened and/or compromised.

Our Core Values

Bags of Fun Locations Include Denver Colorado, Omaha Nebraska, Kansas City Missouri, California, Texas, Indiana


Bags Given Across the Country


felt that the Bag of Fun helped parents feel less isolated because others are thinking of them and their child


agreed that playing with their child reinforced that he/she is a child first, not just a patient.


agreed that engaging in play with their child provided a distraction for the parent as a caregiver from the stress of the illness.


of participants believed that playing with items in the Bag helped their child cope and maintain some normalcy during treatments.


The best distraction there is.


The best medicine around.


A naturopathic healer.

BAGS OF FUN HISTORY - Delivering joy, laughter and relief to every child fighting a life-threatening disease or condition. SEPTEMBER 2004: Gabby Krause Foundation Established. MAY 2005: First BAG OF FUN Delivered in Colorado. AUGUST 2007: Expanded to kidney patients in Colorado. DECEMBER 2008: Expanded to Indianapolis. JANUARY 2011: Expanded to Kansas & Missouri. JANUARY 2012: Expanded to Epilepsy patients in Colorado. JANUARY 2015: Expanded to Nuero Rehab, Cardiac Surgery & GI patients in Colorado. OCTOBER 2019: 10,000th BAG OF FUN Delivered Nationwide. JANUARY 2020: Expanded to Nebraska. MAY 2020: Expanded to include Mental Health Bags in Colorado. JUNE 2022 - Gabby's Dream Fund Established.