Fun Friday!

Hi Kids –

Although alot of your activities may be canceled this summer, we’d like you to keep hopping with fun at home in honor of the kids that are stuck in the hospital. We are introducing Fun Fridays this summer. Each Friday during the summer we will send out a fun activity that has been inspired by our Bag recipients. If you enjoy them, please tag us on social media with #BOFfunfridays. We love when kids reach out and help kids that are in the fight of their life in the hospital. Here’s to the POWER OF PLAY during the summer of 2020!

Click here to print out this Bags of Fun – Fun Friday sign for social media

Check Out This Weeks Fun Friday Activity – June 5th

Our Mission

Deliver a Bag of Fun to every sick child whose health and happiness is both compromised and threatened.

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Bags Given Across the Country
*Omaha, Nebraska coming soon...


felt that the Bag of Fun helped parents feel less isolated because others are thinking of them and their child


agreed that playing with their child reinforced that he/she is a child first, not just a patient.


agreed that engaging in play with their child provided a distraction for the parent as a caregiver from the stress of the illness.


of participants believed that playing with items in the Bag helped their child cope and maintain some normalcy during treatments.


The best distraction there is.


The best medicine around.


A naturopathic healer.