Many of you have asked “how can I help in 2024?” and we believe in your generosity and willingness to make a positive impact in our community.

Our 20th Year celebration will culminate at our 20th ANNUAL BRING OUT THE BAGS!

We are seeking volunteers who can procure and contribute silent auction items to make this the most spectacular auction ever.

The most valued items in our silent auctions tend to be the following:

  • Autographed sports memorabilia
  • High end restaurant gift cards
  • Experiences (vacation homes/trips/etc…)
  • Tickets to sporting events

Your donations will not only help raise vital funds for Bags of Fun, but also provide an incredible opportunity for attendees to bid on unique and valuable items.

Tammy on stage wearing a black dress and black boots. She is speaking with a microphone in her hand and seems to be walking across the stage as she speaks. We can see large white letters with lights in them sitting on the stage behind her. We see the letters GSOFFU. It appears the words spell Bags of Fun but some letters are not in the image. There are also purple and green balloon on the right part of the stage behind the letters. There is also a man in a light blue blazer with a tshirt underneath and some dark slacks on. He is standing to the left of the stage behind a clear podium.

Donor Toolkit

Please use the links below to download the Donation Letter and Donation Form to give to any business or individual. We need all auction items in our office by September 1, 2024.

Please let us know by filling out this form if you plan to help us. A representative from Bags of Fun will reach out upon receipt of this form.

We are looking at rows and rows of auction items. The back rows are blurred out but we do see some nicely wrapped wine bottles, A martini kit of some sort, and lots of numbered signs propped up on the tables identifying different auction items. There appears to be some hanging purple and green decorations. They each look like the have all this wiggling arms sticking out the center, but it is hard to make out what they are since they are very blurry.