“A Dream is a Wish your Heart Makes”

According to Cinderella if you tell your wish, it won’t come true. Sorry Cinderella, but the only way wishes come true is if you share them with the people you love. I thank God every day that Gabby shared her wish.

Gabby’s wish, in the summer of 2004, was that the other kids in the hospital would have their own Bag of Fun. Although her fight ended that fall, her wish was kept alive. My goal is to ensure that her wish never dies.

YOU have had an integral role in fulfilling Gabby’s wish. With your help we have delivered over 12,000 Bags of Fun to children in the fight of their lives. The Bags of Fun program has brought joy, laughter and relief to kids and their families for 17+ years. You have believed in us, now we are asking you to plan and dream with us.

We are asking you to consider a 3-year financial pledge to Gabby’s Dream Fund to help us reach $1,000,000. This fund will be used to enable The Gabby Krause Foundation to sustain Bags of Fun for the long term. The goal is to secure the minimum of the equivalent of one year of expenses for the Bags of Fun programs. This is an exciting time for us as we look to the future of The Gabby Krause Foundation and the Bags of Fun program.

You have generously given of your time, talent and treasure and I am deeply grateful for our amazing community. A community who heard a grieving mother ask to help her 6-year old’s wish come true. To quote Gabby favorite princess…

Who says that my Dreams have to stay just my Dreams

– Ariel, The Little Mermaid

We hope you will consider sharing in Gabby’s dream.

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Dream Fund Levels

As a partner in the future of keeping Gabby’s dream alive, you will be recognized as a Gabby’s Dream Supporter on all fund materials, both print and digital. You will also be named on the Gabby’s Dream Recognition Wall.


Gold Level – $15,000 and above

Purple Level – $5,000 – $15,000

Green Level – 0 – $5,000

Support the Campaign

Choose your level. Make a one-time donation. Pledge an amount to be deducted annually, quarterly or monthly.


BAGS OF FUN HISTORY - Delivering joy, laughter and relief to every child fighting a life-threatening disease or condition. SEPTEMBER 2004: Gabby Krause Foundation Established. MAY 2005: First BAG OF FUN Delivered in Colorado. AUGUST 2007: Expanded to kidney patients in Colorado. DECEMBER 2008: Expanded to Indianapolis. JANUARY 2011: Expanded to Kansas & Missouri. JANUARY 2012: Expanded to Epilepsy patients in Colorado. JANUARY 2015: Expanded to Nuero Rehab, Cardiac Surgery & GI patients in Colorado. OCTOBER 2019: 10,000th BAG OF FUN Delivered Nationwide. JANUARY 2020: Expanded to Nebraska. MAY 2020: Expanded to include Mental Health Bags in Colorado. JUNE 2022 - Gabby's Dream Fund Established.

You are the future of keeping Gabby’s Dream Alive!

A grid of photos of children with their bags of fun