Thank you so much for helping Bags of Fun celebrate 20 years! Fundraisers hosted by our community help bring smiles to children and families who are faced with medical challenges.

We are here to help you plan the best fundraiser that honors Gabby’s legacy to bring more Bags of Fun to children.

7 preteen kids standing around a table outside of a house smiling at the camera. There are Bags of Fun Towels and hats on the table that they are selling. There is a sign hanging from the front of the table that says, Bags of Fun Merchandise. Hats - $20, Towels - $30. Gabby Krause Foundation.

If you would like to host an event, please fill out the form below. A Bags of Fun representative will reach out to help you plan.

Chuckles the Bags of Fun Mascot is standing with their arms around two woman who looked like they just finished a race. They are sweaty, holding bottled water, and have their race numbers pinned to their shirts. They are standing in the grass and there are trees, tents, and other runners behind them. They are also holding reusable bags. One says Viva Bien and the other says Thrive on it. Both bags have the same design on it, which is rows of fruit and vegetables, each row is organized based on color.