Slip N Slide Photo
Host a few friends or neighbors for a social distancing slip and slide party. Buy a fun Slip ‘N Slide, get a few snacks and invite a few friends and most of all have a slippery good time. Maybe the parents could make a small contribution to Bags of Fun in your honor for hosting their kids, to help kids who are stuck in the hospital?
Kids playing with a Hula Hoop
When you’re ready to start, play some background music, and have the kids keep their hoops moving as long as possible. A child is out of the contest when his or her hoop touches the ground. Keep the contest going until only one person remains. You may want to award a new hula hoop as...
Fun Friday Kids Playing Twister
LET’S PLAY!!! Did you know the original name of the Twister board game was Pretzel?! Twister was invented by Charles Foley and Neil Rabens in 1966 and was the first game invented that required people to use their bodies as playing pieces. More than three million copies of Twister were sold during its first year...