Kirklyn Simonton has been involved with The Gabby Krause Foundation since its inception in 2004. When Gabby was first diagnosed, Kirklyn was her tennis instructor and remembers vividly “Gabby’s intense need to play, even when she was dealing with the horrible fatigue and side effects of treatment. She would literally not give up on that tennis ball, even though she could barely hold the racquet!” Initially as a volunteer, then as a Board Member and now as an employee, Kirklyn believes strongly that the power of play and the power of community are essential elements to dealing with difficult situations! Speaking from personal experience, “Bags of Fun are a powerful tool to help children feel like laughing and playing, but are also a reminder of that there are people out there that care and understand the feeling of helplessness as a parent. It is a gift of joy, laughter, comfort, strength and hope at a time when those feelings are not thought possible.” Kirklyn works directly with the community, corporate sponsors, foundations, and individual donors to continue to fund Bags of Fun in Colorado and to expand this program to other sites.

Kirklyn is an avid tennis player and loves spending time with family and friends in beautiful Colorado. Kirklyn cherishes her husband, John and their 3 adult children and believes that Faith, Family and Friends are essential to navigating life and is grateful for these gifts in her life.

“The most wasted of all days is one without laughter.” e.e. cummings