Tammy Krause

Tammy Rudden Krause, a Denver native, is the driving force behind Bags of Fun, a non-profit dedicated to bringing joy and relief to children battling cancer and other long-term illnesses. Guided by a commitment to compassion, integrity, and quality, Tammy ensures that every aspect of the organization reflects these values. As Gabby’s devoted mother, Tammy’s journey with Bags of Fun is deeply personal and driven by love and compassion.

With a genuine care for the community, Tammy responds to the needs of children facing illness, fostering respect and support for their journey. She believes in building relationships based on trust and honesty, holding herself and the organization to the highest standards of integrity.

Tammy is dedicated to providing intentional and impactful experiences for recipients, donors, and volunteers alike. She cherishes the time spent with her family, whether it’s cheering on her kids at activities or enjoying outdoor adventures like Pickleball and poker.

Her wish is to extend the reach of Bags of Fun, ensuring that its transformative impact reaches every child in need.