Dananne Solomon has been volunteering for the Gabby Krause Foundation since its inception in 2004. Gabby’s mom Tammy is a lifelong family friend and the families spent lots of time together playing at the pool, baking and just hanging out. The Krause family holds a very dear place in Dananne’s heart as she was around for Gabby’s diagnosis, treatment, hospital days and stays, good days and not so good days, as well as everything in between. To say that Gabby was a fighter is an understatement; she was so much more than that. She was first and foremost the little girl who taught us all so much; she taught us how to endure, how to smile, how to cry, and how to be inclusive, how to pray, how to become a community who cares and does, how to overcome and when to give in, but most of all she taught us how powerful play is! She loved her own Bag of Fun and loved to share her toys. Dananne is the Director of Colorado for this amazing organization, and her favorite thing about Bags of Fun is the truly awesome community that helps to maintain, sustain and grow this organization each and every day.

Dananne was born and raised in the Denver area and is a 4th generation native. She and her husband have three adult daughters and a son-in-law who they enjoy spending time with. Dananne has been an active volunteer in the community for many organizations over the years.

“Children need the freedom and time to play. Play is not a luxury. Play is a necessity.” – Kay Redfield Jamison