Thank you to our Bags of Fun community for working with us to help children and families who are faced with difficult diagnoses during this time of uncertainty

In early March, hospitals closed playrooms for children and families inpatient. Bags of Fun’s mission to bring joy, laughter and relief to every child fighting a life-threatening disease or condition suddenly became more necessary than ever before. The following has been our response to provide rehabilitative play to children and families when their hearts and minds need it most.

  • Over 675 new toys provided to hospitals in Colorado, Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska.
  • Over 230 Bags of Fun delivered to children newly diagnosed with life-threatening, life-limiting conditions.
  • Over 15 Sibling Bags delivered to help keep the entire family distracted.
  • Deliveries transitioned from face to face hospital deliveries to specialized drop zones at each hospital.
  • COVID-19 compliant home deliveries now available for homebound patients.
  • Responding to Bag requests from hospitals on a daily basis, compared to weekly basis prior to COVID-19.
  • Bags of Fun Kansas City delivers lunch to Child Life Specialists.
  • Bags of Fun Colorado supports local elementary school with food boxes.

“The COVID-19 crisis is causing immense fear and anxiety particularly for hospitalized children and their families. The provision of age appropriate arts, crafts, toys and therapeutic play materials allows children to still use play and express themselves and work through some of the psychological impact that they are experiencing.” Erika, Denver Health

How can you stay involved during covid-19?

Double the Donation

Covid-19 Update

During these uncertain times, we want to reach out to all of our amazing supporters and let you know that Bags of Fun is committed to fulfilling our mission of delivering joy, laughter and relief to children facing life threatening and long-term illnesses. While COVID- 19 is on the top of everyone’s minds, we want you, our loyal supporters, to know that we are dedicated to our mission and we will continue to fill Bag requests that we get from the hospitals.

Due to changes at the hospitals, there is an increased need for specialty toys and items for children currently admitted. We will also be fulfilling special request from the Child Life Specialists relating directly to the crisis. Children and families in the midst of their unique medical crises need to heal their health and hearts.

We are committed to maintaining a full staff and operating Bags of Fun within the limitations set by the CDC.  We are working closely with the hospitals, other nonprofits and our medical advisors to ensure we are providing effective, appropriate help where needed.

Thank you all so much for your amazing 15 years of support. Because of you, we are able to respond to the crisis with the same spirit we have had for the past 15 years. A spirit of caring, joy, laughter and the amazing power that PLAY can bring even in the most challenging of times.

Tammy and the Bags of Fun Team
Bags of Fun Colorado, Bags of Fun Kansas City and Bags of Fun Omaha

Bags of Fun is Partnering with Hope Kids this Holiday Season

Bags of Fun partnered with Hope Kids to get some of their clients Bags to help get them and their families through their treatments this Holiday season.

Each bag was designed with the family in mind. With the help of Razzle Toys. we included items for siblings as well as fun interactive game and activities for the entire family.

We hosted the event “ Comfort and Joy “at Alpine Bank in the DTC , at which time 7 children and their family received a Bag of Fun put together specifically by incredible volunteers and supporters. Dancers from Dance Kaleidoscope helped with entertainment, sharing their love of dance and music. There were crafts and a Hot chocolate bar provided in part by Starbucks.

What an incredible way to experience the Holiday Season.

We have a new location in Omaha!

We are excited to announce the opening of our newest location in Omaha, Nebraska.  Amy and Andy Krause, the aunt and uncle of Gabby Krause, are proud to bring happiness wrapped up in a backpack to the children in Omaha who are going through a really tough time.

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Tammy Krause: Amazing Americans

It’s every parent’s absolute worst nightmare. Your young child has an illness. A serious illness, one that might take his or her life. In the case Tammy Krause, the child was her daughter, and just 5 years old. Gabby Krause was found with a malignant tumor in her head one day before her 5th birthday. She left the world not long after. Gabby Krause would leave the world- but she also left the world a gift. A gift her mom Tammy carries on to this day. Tammy Krause is my guest this week on Amazing Americans.

Congrats to Darby Solomon for fulfilling her dream of becoming an Oncology Nurse

Gabby was one of my best friends , our Moms were friends and I don’t ever remember a time when I didn’t know her.  We would laugh and play.  We swam together every day in the summers and loved spending the night at each other’s houses.  We made cookies at Gabby’s house and had BBQ in our backyard.

I don’t remember it ever being sad at the hospital.  You know, there were times where Gabby didn’t feel good, and that was hard. As a best friend, you don’t want to ever see your friend in pain or uncomfortable.  But, you know, we always had so much fun, and we had so much to play with to get our minds off of what was really going on.

I just finished nursing school, and pediatric oncology has always been my goal.  I was fortunate enough to be with these nurses when I was little.  I got to see the relationship that they got to build with Gabby and the other patients.  I have always wanted to give back to that community and be one those nurses that made Gabby so comfortable in the hospital.  It really felt like they had a connection with Gabby and the other patients.  I want to give back to that community and be that person to someone else.

–  Darby Solomon, Oncology Nurse